Claire Holmes

Ultra Distance Triathlete

"I can highly recommend the 'pre event' treatment at 'Body in Motion Rehab'  The combination of deep tissue massage and stretching is a great complement to my preparation for race day. I have noticed that after the 'pre event' treatments I feel stronger and have more energy during the race. Both cycling and run times have also improved"

Barry Goldridge

Total knee replacement surgery

"I am so glad I found 'Body in Motion Rehab' I felt that my recovery following my surgery had stalled but following the treatments with Gordon I began to notice improvements again. over the last two months the mobility and strength in my knee has been remarkably...."

Sarah Smith

Elite Triathlete

" The sessions with Gordon has helped to improve my running form  which was my weakest event in triathlon.  I am now running consistently with a mid/forefoot strike. I have more energy in the race and feel less fatigue. I have also noticed that I am getting fewer injuries and niggles"

From: Lieutenant, Royal Navy:

"Gordon was both knowledgeable and professional when treating very tight muscles in my neck and back. His thorough understanding of how each part of the body relates to the others ensured that his treatment was extremely effective. I have tried other forms of treatment before, but Gordon's was by far the best and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.  Further to this, his support for Armed Forces personnel was evident and he understood the variety of environments we are expected to work in, which further contributed to his effectiveness"