What is Sports Therapy?

The Society of Sports Therapists describes Sports Therapy as an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. Sports Therapy utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work. 

Sports Therapy Treatments include:

  • Postural Assessments: An important tool used to identify any imbalances that may be causing (or likely to cause) musculo-skeletal problems.  Postural dysfunction can be treated by using a variety of unique bodywork techniques combined with stretching and strengthening exercises. Improvements to  Postural dysfunction can help with sporting performance and general health and well-being.
  • Remedial Massage: Remedial massage techniques are used to help alleviate muscular problems, reduction of pain, increase range of movement in joints, and the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesion's. Remedial massage techniques may be used to treat whiplash, repetitive strain injury and back pain for example.
  • Injury Treatments and Rehabilitation: Once your problem has been identified, treatments options may include the use of a combination of Electrotherapy equipment, such as Ultrasound and Interferential, and Manual Therapy.
  • Exercise Therapy: Used post injury for rehabilitation, to help improve performance and ensure your speedy return back to sport, exercise or activity. Exercise Therapy includes a program of progressive exercises and stretches that are aimed at returning the injured client back to full fitness

Sports therapy is not just beneficial for athletes or sports people, anyone can benefit from the treatments that are offered. Sports Therapy is used successfully to treat a variety of other disorders including:

  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • Circulatory problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Build up of toxins and impurities in the body